Halloween ain't for kids anymore (or "mommy who is that scary lady?")

By risking everything including my reputation, I hope to bring a joyous diversion to your day!

I love Halloween. I mostly love the sweets. I wouldn’t actually say that I celebrate it as much as having it be a celebration…which may look like the same thing. I Googled “Celebration” and came up with “any joyous diversion” and Halloween is totally that for me! Going to places and seeing costume contests is really one of my favorite things to do. Dressing up…not so much! One year, I dressed as a woman…an ugly woman at that ;). I forgot where I parked my car and my heels were killing me. I took off the heals and walked so much on the pavement that my footed pantyhose broke and they flopped around on the top of my feet as I walked…like a floppysock that ripped but you had the tube part pulled up. Pretty gross looking I’m sure. My favorite times are going to costume contests and watching others put up with getting around, getting a drink, sweating it all off, etc. By the end of the night, you look like a hot mess and nobody can distinguish what you started the night as. “I’m an angry cat!” one woman yells out at 2:15am last year. Earlier that night she had told me that she was a Baywatch Babe. Just freaky I tell ya! But I’m going to share one of my pics with you that I don’t often pull out of the woodworks…simply because it could ruin me…but it’s Halloween. And who doesn’t need a joyous diversion these days?!

So only look at this next picture if you aren’t easily scared.  And remember, laughing at yourself is the first step to getting through the difficult times.  This certainly is opening up the floodgates on laughing at myself!  Enjoy (and remember I warned you!)

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