In defense of Independence

Independence or Inter-Dependence…don't let it fool you kid!

Friendship & Trust

Independence is a crazy thing. I love inter-dependence also…but independence gets my vote every time. There is a certain joy that comes from your creation of something to it's fulfillment in life. I'd say that my vice, though, is independence, used to justify why i didn't produce results. It means well…independence does. It calls to you like all things are possible through him…but it's tricky. You need others in some way, shape or form to make your thing happen and/or become real in life. So you need them. Which makes you sort of interdependent really and not independent at all. So which is it going to be?? Working independently for the sake of others, which is really interdependency. Or working with others until you can work alone. Either way, I'd say independence is my vice. I'm in love with it. And I can't do anything without others in my life. It always reminds me of that. So I don't know if I could quit…ever. But I sure try some times.

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2 thoughts on “In defense of Independence

  1. EP says:

    Covey and others tout interdependence as the most mature and survival-positive status as an adult. I think you are running right into where real-world meets ego’s desire. It would be great to be able to insulate ourselves fully from the need for/impact of others. But, life appears not to work that way unless you are a hermit. I know you will surf this issue with humanity and skill.


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