If I Were President, I'd just keep on pressing…

God what a boring answer…I can already tell! This answer will never get me elected but here goes…

Whining is costly in this house!

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about this before. With so much going on in the world and in our country, it's hard to say, really, what my first priority would be. But I'd have to say that my first priority would be getting our finances sorted out. Seriously…even though I know it would not be the most popular thing, I would have to say that without knowing how much money we have and making sure we had enough to put aside for the next month/year it's hard to do much else. Now I don't want to represent that I have done this very much for my own life, but I have recently started putting aside money (a little every week) and am surprised by how much I save up. I check it from time to time and am always delighted to see how much is there.

I want to say that I so appreciate the work that President Obama has done. It wouldn't have been easy no matter who got elected. But I can really identify with coming up with great ideas and mostly having to deal with other people being the biggest obstacle to achieving what I created. It's not all as easy as we thought it would be…but I'm happy that we are moving in "A" direction.

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