About Harold

This is Harold…

It’s been over 5 years since I’ve posted on my blog.  I lost the website domain for a while and then when I tried to get it back up I lost a lot of the data.  I had given up for a long time until recently and figured I’d just start where I left off and with what I could restore.  Here’s what I used to have in my About Harold section, about 80% being still true.

I’m a guy in Houston. (still true)  I have three really cute dogs and a really great partner who I call Papa.  (I have three dogs still  but I’m now single and trying to make it out in the world)  We’ve been happily together for nearly seven years. (that was true and I have some good memories even when I feel sad and mourn the loss)  I am a Director of Sales & Marketing for a great catering company in Houston and I love what I get to do every single day. (this is still true even though I’m not nearly as grateful as I should be on most days) 

I am a HUGE fan of Apple and have just about every iDevice you can think of.  I update my blog via my iPad and my iPhone. (I use my MacBook mostly and my iPhone) All pictures I take are on my iPhone 4S.  (WHOAH!  I’m on a 6 Plus now!) I use some filters but mostly I just try to capture the essence of what I’m looking at or how I may see something at that moment. (Who am I kidding…I use a ton of filters!)

I love helping people with their Apple products.  My mom is my primary client now that she has a FaceBook profile and an iPod and a new iPhone 4. (She now has a 6Plus as well) She’s becoming quite the expert on all things Apple. (The more things change the more things stay the same but we are still a long way from the quite the expert thing being true lol)

This blog is my personal blog.  Any ideas or views here are strictly MINE and do not reflect any views, ideas, opinions, ways of operating, or anything else for my job, career or volunteering services.  It’s strictly mine.   (this is all still very, very true!)

Please, don’t get offended by anything I post here. (or do.  The choice is yours!)   You have the right to your opinion and I respect that.  (I do respect it but during election years I try and avoid everyone else’s opinions so I don’t kill anyone) And I will always respect your right to have them and to express them fully. My blog is my way to share viewpoints that I have and ideas for making the world a better place…sometimes through laughter…sometimes through seeing beautiful things…and sometimes by just unleashing my creativity.

I love my life….every part of it.  (I’ve really struggled with depression quite a bit in the last few years and I am slowly, but surely, digging myself out of the dark pit)  I want everyone to have that same opportunity, so I share the parts of mine so others can.  Thanks for visiting my blog!  Leave comments and let me know if you have any requests for things.  Thanks and I look forward to sharing with you all. (This is all true, true, true.  I hope my sharing makes a difference for people and gives people courage to be fully self-expressed)

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