My White Trash Five-Ingredient Recipe

To make your Britney Spears, White Trash Dessert, is mostly in the attitude. While you are mixing the ingredients, you are judging white trash. As you mix the soft ice cream sandwiches, you think to yourself, “yeah…only white trash people eat these!” As you mix the Cool Whip and ButterFinger Candy Bars, you think to yourself, “omg…what piece of trash would combine these things?!” And finally, as you pour the hard shell over the top of the mixed ingredients, in your finest tupperware or glass casserole dish, you think to yourself, “I AM that person and THIS is a masterpiece!” (And this is really good by the way!)

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches
Have it be a little soft, like white trash morals, before you are ready to combine the ingredients.

Butterfinger Candy Bars
Crunch them up really good inside their own packaging…you basically want chunky pieces of ButterFinger bars. Just think of all the times you’ve wanted to beat someone…this is your chance to take out your anger here.

Cool Whip
Or some kind of whipped cream…doesn’t matter how you say it! Whip or “HWhip”

Hard Shell Ice Cream Coating
Pick your favorite flavor…it’ll all work out in the end.

Tupperware or Casserole Bowl
How you present this is really important! Glass bottom casserole dishes make the best presentation!

If you do it right…you are entitled to one of these babies!

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