JetPack Joyride…hop on!

Recently FaceBook did a little thing with Apple’s App Page and offered FaceBook users a chance to download a game called JetPack Joyride for use with your iDevices.  I was a little hesitant at first….as I am with most free things from FaceBook.  I did it though.  Mostly because I trust Apple.  And I didn’t regret downloading this free little gem.

HalfBrick, the company who also does my other favorite game Fruit Ninja (and the awesome new Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots!), did a really nice job on this game.  I haven’t played a game this fun since the original Mario Bros. game….which we all know ain’t coming to an iDevice ANY time soon!

The game starts with you launching into what looks like a crazy underground tunnel equipped with your jetpack.  There’s no real introduction to the game.  You’re kind of thrown into it to figure out through stumbling your way through.  I don’t have a problem with this, but I know some people get a little crazy about not knowing everything about the storyline and such.

I love this game.  As I’ve gone throughout the different levels of play I’ve discovered that there are several missions to get through.  You will see several coins to capture just by flying onto them.  Scoop up as many as you can.  You can buy lots of cool stuff in the store including new jetpacks, clothes, utilities and stuff like glasses for your character.  The glasses do nothing…but I sure look cool with them!

When you see the rainbow squares throughout the level of play, fly into them to open a new suite to play with.  Your jetpack will magically turn into a flying dragon, a gravity suit, a stomp machine and even a space ship that is really hard to manage because it transports itself to unknown spaces on the screen.

When you get “killed” you will go to a crazy slot machine screen if you have collected enough coins to reach it.  There you will have a cool opportunity to either get some extended play on that level, move forward several hundred meters and all kinds of cool stuff.

This game is super fun.  It is also highly addicted, like my Fruit Ninja is.  This company seems to know what it’s players want in games…so I look out for their stuff a lot.  And it’s free for a limited time by “liking” the FaceBook Page for the Apple App Store.  I don’t know how long it’s there so you better move quick.  Here’s some screen shots from the game:

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