This note I found on the web today made me laugh so hard I spit up my coffee.  It’s one of the best ever.  I’m not usually a fan of spiking food, but this was so awesome I just had to share it.


The note says the following…

To the food stealers,
It has been about a month now since my brownies started disappearing randomly. Even though my name was on the tub. My husband helped my 9yo daughter bake them for me, so I hope you enjoyed them as much as I couldn’t. My previous fridge notes fell on deaf ears, so I decided to take more direct action.

So I made an anonymous report to HR. Something about culture of drug use and the potential liability to the company blah blah. That is why we all had to do a random drug screen yesterday.

And did I forget to mention that for the last two weeks I have been spiking the brownies with marijuana? Not much, not enough to give you a buzz. Just enough to show up on a drug screen.




Edible Brownie Santa Hats for your Holiday Party

While looking for some fun ideas to do for holiday parties this year, my catering team and I came up with a very simple idea to do with strawberries, icing and brownies.  We made little Santa Hats with the ingredients and presented them a few different ways to show them off.  As normal, I took all the shots with my iPhone.  If you need the recipe for any of the items, let me know.  I’m happy to share!

But why would you?

Whatever happened to class? There used to be a time when whether you were Republican or Democrat, you maintained a sense of decorum. Some sense of respect for the humanity of the other. I saw this picture of Sarah Palin and her husband going to Chic Fil A while here in Houston this past week. They NEVER would have eaten at that dump if she was just here visiting someone on her own. They never would have gone to a fast food restaurant. And they never would have gone to one that would cause so many people to be repulsed and reactivated as this particular visit. This completely demonstrates why she never went any further in politics and why others that operate this way don’t really make the difference they say they are out to make. Sarah Palin had such an opportunity to gracefully and graciously point out the freedom of business to operate as it wishes under whatever principles it chooses. But going there and not being sensitive that it would cause so much hatred and pain is what separates her from the real leaders of this world. I don’t care about her. I’d never vote for her in anything she would ever run in. But I did have respect for her being willing to stand up for what she believed was right. But…and this is a big but…going to such a divisive and potentially further hurtful place in such a personal way is her right. But why would you?