Time for an update…

Nobody said it would be easy, and I sort of new that going into things.  But this whole being fit thing is one hell of an adventure.  My weight has gone up and down and all around but mostly steadied out over time.  My current weight is 233 and I’ve been pretty happy with my results overall.  I’ve MOSTLY had to deal with my thoughts about how I’m doing or not doing.  Just when I think nothing is working I lose an extra pound or I start to feel better about myself.  The mind is a tricky bitch to manage so I’ve mostly just tried to not sabotage it all based on some loser thoughts that inhabit my brain.

ImageLast week I felt like I sprained my ankle.  I came home from a festival and my ankle was swollen and felt crummy.  I waited for it to go down on it’s own but it didn’t really do that.  I went to the doctor and they agreed that I had sprained something.  They told me there’s nothing I can do but keep it wrapped, put less strain on it and keep it elevated.  This was such bullshit…I thought to myself!  How in the hell do I start exercising and just start to get my body working only to suffer from a dumb thing like a sprained ankle?  But, as with all things, it turned out fine.  I took a week to relax and really let my ankle and leg recover completely.  It worked…I’m back up and doing what I do best. (By the way, the toenail is black because I painted it that way…long story but ask me about it if you really wanna know.)

I’ll keep you posted on how things are moving…and they are.  I’ve been feeling great and though I struggle daily with my thoughts about failure and eating right, I’ve found a blog that I love reading and listening to.  His blog post on willpower is so cool that I’m posting a link here to get you to read it.  Dean Dwyer is my new hero.  It’s like he’s telling my story about his health and well-being.  You can read his blog post about willpower by clicking here.

Thanks for catching up with me and don’t forget to read Dean’s Blog!  Thanks!

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