It’s an App…that tells you about other Apps. AppAdvice Rocks!

I’m going to tell you about one of my absolute favorite Apps on my iPad and iPhone.  Hell it’s even one of my favorite websites.  I can’t think of a single App I read more than this one.  I first found it when cruising Apple’s App Store.  I really had no intention to buy an App that talks about other Apps.  I could read all the reviews and information myself thank you very much!  But there was something really special about this App.  I went to their website,, and enjoyed the content and the reviews.  But I especially loved the App Guides they provided.  A lot of Apps in the store don’t give you a detailed enough description to work the app at it’s best.  So this was a refreshing change of pace.

The reason why I’m reviewing their App itself is because I think it is invaluable as a resource for your iPad and iPhone.  It is so well worth the $1.99 and you’ll save yourself a lot of money buying Apps they recommend and not the one’s the App Store tends to rush out without description.

The first thing is there are two versions of this App.  The iPhone version is a streamlined version with tabs on the opening page for you to select through.  They include App News, App Guides, Lists, Reviews, New Apps, App Updates, App Sales and, my favorite, Appisodes.  Yes…they actually do video versions of their reviews with a really funny and talented host to show you how the apps actually work, or don’t!

The iPad version is my favorite.  It’s a beautifully presented format with lots of content, photos, links and videos.  It’s mostly the same content, but you can select which iDevice you would like to read more about in the preferences.  So if you want to read more about iPhone Apps, that’s cool.  Just select that in the preference tab and it will filter your results automatically.  One more thing, they actually put on all their reviews if they are for iPhone, iPad, or universal if designed for either one.  You’ll enjoy reading all about them.

I don’t work for  I would love to because I think it’s such a great resource and what is better than reviewing Apps and telling everyone about the cool things out there?!  Nothing that I can think of beats that!!

AppAdvice -

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