A Spell for You in 2017

A very good friend of mine posted something on her Facebook page today that I just had to share with everyone!  But first, I had to look up who originally created the words that came together so beautifully and that made me sit up in my chair and think, “wow!  I want that!”

The inspirational quote was originally posted back in 2015 as an excerpt from a book by Rob Brezsny called PRONOIA IS THE ANTIDOTE FOR PARANOIA.  I know nothing about the book but I’m fascinated by the excerpt.  I think it literally hits a spot in me that makes me want to jump into action and cause something amazing this year.   I loved the quote so much that I bought his book as well.  (Pronoia is the opposite of Paranoia in that you start working from the universe is indeed out to get you and support you and empower you and bring all goodness your way.  I’m going to need practice for that!)

Anyway…here’s your new motivation for 2017.  I put a meme of the quote at the bottom of the page as well as a link to Amazon for Rob’s book.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  Go out there and live it.  We need a good year!  Here’s to an utterly FABULOUS new year!


your debts forgiven

your wounds healed

your apologies accepted

your generosity expanded

your love educated

your desires clarified

your uniqueness unleashed

your untold stories heard

your insight heightened

your load lightened

your wildness rejuvenated

your leaks plugged

your courage stoked

your fears dissolved

your imagination fed

your creativity uncorked

–Rob Brezsny


2017 Spell for You


Pronoia by Rob Brezsny